Pac-Man End Grain Cutting Baord

How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board with Pac Man Ghost Pixel PatternSo Matt Hass (Awesome Wood Things) and I were talking and wanting to do something together. We were both wanting to do end grain cutting boards but if you know Matt it has got to be Awsome! and what is more awesome than Pac-Man! We then set to work. Matt would make two Pac-Man boards And I would make the Ghosts and when we were done we would send one to the other so we would both have a pair.

I thought "How hard could this be." I was a fool!with almost 600 blocks to make 3/4" X 3/4" X 1 1/4 I had a lot of work to do. on top of that rather then planeing them all to thickness first I cut them all to length. this meant that I had to plane to width 600 blocks. this was not as easy as it sounded and ended up adding about 16 hours of work to the project.

To make a long story short. I made it a lot more work than it needed to be. in the end, it all came together and we both had a lot of fun with this one.