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Making a Bird Feeder for Mothers Day With the Kids

A bird feeder, what better present to make for Mother's Day with the kids. This is a simple project that can be made in an afternoon with the kids helping out and learning about different tools in the shop. With a very basic set of chisel, hand plane, drill and saw anyone can make a bird feeder. Not only will mom love something that the kids made, but the kids will have a good time in the shop and learn about tools.

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What is the Best Wood Glue

What is the best Wood glue?  This wasn't the question that started this test off, but it soon became the goal of the whole test. Initially, I just wanted to know is there any benefit to using dry High glue over one of the liquid choices? but since I'm already doing a glue test I might as well throw in a couple of the PVAs and see how those do, and in that case I might as well test epoxy, and the list began to grow from there. In there end there was a total 32 glues pitted against each other

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