Hand Tool Fail

Making a Cabinet Scraper Like Stanley 81 Shopmade fail"Great things come from great aspirations, but also do disasters." said someone at some point in our history. ( I think) I really just wanted to build something and how easy it was to quickly whip up a tool. Then, I would give it away to some viewer, but this is not what happened. I picked a project I had not done before and had not looked at any plans for. Just thought I could wing it. Second I picked a day I had to do a bunch of other things. and then I started to rush and not think ahead.

At first, the problems were aesthetic and functional problems but as the day went long the problems became bigger and as I entered the home stretch I tripped and made a mistake that made the tool useless.

So rather than having a great tool to show the world I have a video explaining how we all make mistakes, and how we can grow and learn from those mistakes.

That being said, enjoy the show.