The Bit Of the Auger Must be Sharp!

How to Sharpen an Auger Bit For a Brace and BitsWhen A question gets asked once I think about it. when I get a second person asking the same question I add it to the list of videos I want to make. when I get 10 or more I make it the next chance I get. his one has been asked for more than that, so I think it is about time to step up and make a video on how to sharpen an Auger Bit. at first, I did not think this deserved its own video, but then I thought about it. So few people use bits that are meant to be sharpened anymore they just throw them out. But an Auger bit for  a Brace and Bit deserves to be sharpened and no one knows how to do it anymore. Then I went to the selection of bits I had and chose ones that needed to be sharpened and found this sweet little adjustable bit and that needed to be shown to the world.

in the end, a video that should have been 5 minutes long just showing the basics ended up being over 10 minutes long and crammed with information.

so here you go.