Resaw With Hand Tools

so let's say you ha20160804_213900ve a board that is 1" thick, but you want a board that is 1/4" thick. So you have two options. 1. You can run it through the planner and turn 3/4" of White oak into dust. 2. you can cut it down to thickness a keep a board that is over 1/2" thick. I think most of us see the wisdom in #2 but feel the pain of being out of breath after cutting through that much wood. So I tested two different methods of doing just that and cutting the board by hand

First is the standard method of making a mark where the cut should be, grabbing a hand saw, and making the cut. this method can be fast, but it also scares a lot of people.

the second method is one that has become more common recently and that is to make a kerf on either side of the board for the saw to run in. then grab a large frame saw and rip it down quickly.

the first may be simpler but if executed the second can be a lot faster, and with a properly set saw it can be a lot cleaner too.

so which methoud would you like to try. here is the video compairing the two difforent setups.