All About Block Planes

The Block plane20160803_120227 is a useful tool and really the second Plans I suggest people get. but that being said it is not a primary plane. these little gems have specific uses, but most people new to hand tools will buy one of these and think they can flatten a board and plane down the surface. when they find out how difficult that is they give up and throw them out. this is why I wanted to explain the intended uses of a block plane and how to adjust them. When used properly they can be a great tool to have on hand. the first thing you need to know is what angle of plane do you need. the angle can determine if it is for figured wood or for end grain work such as dovetales, dowels, and Tennons.

Next, you need to understand how your Plane is to be adjusted. the other reason people give up on planes is they do not understand how to properly adjust them. Finely tuned plans can be the difference between a great day and a day where you throw the plane across the room.

So that being said I felt it wise to put together a video on the topic. I hope you find it useful!