#40: Learning How To Screw Up & Fix It

In this episode, Johnny, James, and Zack talk about how they've learned to deal with mistakes while woodworking or welding and keep the project moving forward. We all make mistakes, it's how we deal with them that defines us. 

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What are we working on?

  • Zack: Birthday, Desk, Table--materials,
  • Johnny: Working on chairs, finished tap handles, new car
  • James: shop space, Bench, Logo carving

Show Topic: Learning How To Screw Up & Fix It

  • Johnny: Biggest screw ups. Almost cut table top on wrong side of track saw. Spray painted stripe on jack stand tables. Didn’t cut Domino mortises before gluing up organ cabinet. Wood filler is your friend. Always buy extra material. Cut Roubo stretcher too short.
  • James: New bench top, Back dresser stretcher

After Show:

Ravenspat: question for everyone, I just got this really cool groove plane 😃 (thank you James and your great contest) and need a good beginning project to use it on, any suggestions

Joke of the week

Submitted by Matt Solah

Q: What did the 80 grit sandpaper say to the 400 grit? 
A: You're so fine :) 

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

  • Johnny: Wabi Sab-E, Bernie Solo (videos below)
  • James: Black Bear Forge S hook blacksmithing
  • Zack: Civilization 6, Twin Peaks

Favorite tool/product this week?

James Wright