#18: Answering Questions from the Audience

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In this episode, Johnny, James, and Zack answer some questions from the audience. We talk welding, woodworking tools, and money! Enjoy.

What are we working on?

Show Topic: Answering Questions from the Audience


Jacob Hladik : I do have one question for you guys. Along with my woodworking, I do some welding. I have a TIG welder that also does stick, and after 5 years of each, I'm fairly proficient with both processes. I've been looking at adding a MIG welder to my shop, to speed up high quantity projects, as well as quick tacks on art pieces while keeping my other hand free to line up workpieces. Would you guys recommend a 120 volt MIG or 240 volt? I have multiple 240V outlets in my garage so power is not an issue. For any structural work I will most likely continue to use Stick or TIG. For 120 volt machines I was looking at the Hobart or Lincoln 140 models, not the $89 Harbor Freight flux core. Also, I'm not currently making any money off my wood/metal work, and is purely a hobby for now.

What are some ways you guys have incorporated leather into your projects?

Make Build Modify: Is it a good/bad idea to borrow $$ to buy tools?

How far will you travel to get a good deal on a tool or material?

Evan Dunville if you guys could but a 16 radial arm saw would you?

Joshua : Podcast question, have you ever given any thought to having a voicemail set up for questions

At what point should a person stop buying tools? Should I even ask this?

B.R Delaney: heres a more involved question, im just starting year two of my furniture business and I seem to be hitting a wall as far as forward progress. It seems like Im barley scraping by with the commissions ive had, and Im not sure how to get myself out there more (i do have a custom made/etsy page already) And to clairify my question, this isnt a $$ issue, its a work issue. We were in the black at the end of 2016, which is great, but I guess Im more asking about growth

Joke of the Week:

From Hugh Jazzman : What do you get if you throw oak into a woodchipper?


What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Favorite tool this week?

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