#17: Using Materials You Have On Hand vs. Buying

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In this episode, we have special guest William Walker of Wm. Walker Co. on to talk about materials and whether we try use what we have vs. running out to buy materials specific for the woodworking project.

What are we working on?

  • Zack: Same stuff. Started chair--dimensions are weird, forge & tools in the mail...Truck videos. Oh, designer blog.
  • Johnny: Published "Kid’s Step Stool With Their Artwork" video, working on river table
  • James: Frame saw and dresser
  • William: Roubo style workbench out of Red Oak

Show Topic: Using Materials You Have On Hand vs. Buying


  • Johnny: Much more time consuming to work with what you have. Breaking down rough lumber into 1x2 material vs. buying it from the store.
  • Zack: I got nothin’
  • James: there is no correct lumber for a project.
  • William: I hate going to the home store. I don’t really enjoy working with Pine, and I collect cool and interesting wood whenever I come across it. I like things to be really unique.

Q & A:

Joel Fägerholt: So I'm about to finish up a few shelves for the bathroom soon, and I have a hard time choosing finishing products because my woodwork shop/garage is cold, close to minus twenty celsius actually.

There's a sauna connected in the same building so I could put some fast drying products while I heat it up and let them cure in there quickly OR I pick another finish that is odorless that can cure/dry inside.

The shelves won't be in the shower so I don't think they need a super protective product. With these things in mind, what would you suggest?

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Favorite tool this week?

James Wright