1-22-17 Weekly Inspuration

Videos that made me think this week

 ZH Fabrications


This is such a simple project, but sometimes the simple answers to a problem are the most elegant. the use of a screen and the simple hangers will allow a lot to be hung without tangles. Thanks Zach for adding to my To-do list!




krtwood is a fantastic channel for thinking outside the box and this project is no exception. my projects tend to have function first and style is a second though Krtwood is the other way around with fantastic style.


Dorian Bracht


This is a series of joints by Dorian Bracht called Joint venture. Beware once you watch one you are going to watch more. so next time you want to do some binge watching this is the channel to go to. fantastic ideas and execution!


An American Artisan


Every now and then you see a video that can change your thoughts about how much more you need to grow. The design in this piece was one of those projects. I love how deceptively simple this is and how many techniques went into making this.


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