#50: Does Design, Content or Usability Come First?

In this week's episode, Johnny, James, and Zack discuss whether design, content, or usability come first when planning out a project. They also answer more listener questions! Enjoy.

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What’s new/ what are we working on?

  • Zack: Shelf, Leatherworking, Bushmills, Fabtech
  • Johnny: Modern Dining Table, Assembly Table Design
  • James: KITCHEN!!!! 


Show Topic: Does Design, Content or Usability Come First?

Metal & Grain :

Do you think about design, content or usability first?

Make Brooklyn :

How does being a content creator affect your timeline in completing projects? I know for me, filming makes it take easily three times longer than it otherwise would.

Keith Johnson WW:

When you guys put together a YouTube vid, do you record everything and then do a marathon editing session? Or do you work in chunks and edit as you finish each phase of the project?


What do you do when you find yourself awake at 5AM, unable to sleep, being blasted with tons of great project ideas? Only me?

Hammer and Neil:

If you could make any step of the process done in an instant what step would it be?

Joke of the week

From Yonatan2 : 

What's a really cheap DIYing consumable you can buy on Amazon?

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?


Favorite tool/product this week?


James Wright