#4: Quality vs. Quantity in Woodworking Tools and more...

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In this week's episode, Johnny, James, and Zack talk about quality vs. quantity in woodworking tools, the craft movement, and more. They also answer a question from the audience about dust collection on a budget. Enjoy!

Show Topic: Quality vs. Quantity in Woodworking Tools and more...

When do you choose to invest in high quality/more expensive woodworking tools vs their cheaper alternatives? Obviously, there are major pros and cons to each, and sometimes the extra cost isn't warranted.

Some examples given in the podcast of expensive options are SawStop and Festool, while the cheaper options include Harbor Freight. All of these brands can co-exist in the woodworking community, and there are people who are willing to spend their budget on each of these products.

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Corny Joke of the Week (from Richard from the UK)

Q: What position is given to the second in command at Benchcrafted?

A: Vice Captain


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Q & A from live chat:

From Justin Luther: "I'm using a shop vac with a mini cyclone. Should I invest in a dust collector first or and air cleaner? Looking to spend under $200."

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Various Notes:

About Dust Collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LkIuS8RnA4

Thanks to the woodworking reverend Chris Schwarz for his constant inspiration! May the Schwarz be with you all in your woodworking endeavors.

James Wright