#3: Finding Inspiration For Our Woodworking

In Episode #3, Johnny, James and Zack talk about where they find inspiration for their woodworking and metalworking. From Google Images to old magazines, inspiration is everywhere.

Show Notes

What are we working on?

  • Zack: 2 projects. 3 commissioned tables, just finished sketchup models. Just finished Slab shelf.
  • Johnny: Published the DIY Bike Rack, finishing the Buffet Cabinet
  • James: restoring tools and votive candle holder.

Show Topic: Our creative process--what inspires us, how we go about designing our projects

  • Inspiring for Johnny: YouTube, Instagram, Reddit. Urban background, graffiti, street art. Magazines: Fine Woodworking, Dwell, Juxtapoz. Living in Asheville
  • Inspiring for James: Google images, YouTube, old magazines, museums
  • Inspiring for Zack: my personal image stash, old books, magazines, online searches, Cell phone pictures. Love what I do so much right now, I haven’t run into a lack of inspiration/enthusiasm... Getting a new tool is my go to for enthusiasm.

Q & A from live chat:

From Brian Noel: What do you think is your best piece that you have made that would be considered inspiration to others?

What’s new/what are we watching?

James Wright