#20: The Center of Our Workshops

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In this episode, we chat about what we consider the center of our workshop. The workbench, table saw, welding table, or maybe something else? I'm sure we'll all have different answers, so this should be a fun one! 

What are we working on?

Show Topic: The Center of our Workshops


  • Johnny: The computer. Table saw. Paulk Workbench
  • Zack: Welding Table
  • James: The bench. Done, what is next?

Q & A:


First, thanks for "making" your podcast. I've recently started woodworking, mostly making cornhole boards with a friend that we have sold in a local sporting goods store. After listen to your podcast, I'm thinking I'm going to expand beyond cornhole boards, as they're a pretty seasonal product. Listening to your stories about how you started gives me some hope that I might be able to make something out if this too. So again, thanks... now for my question:

I recently built a Patrol Box, or chuck box, for our Boy Scouts. It's made from some 3/4 birch plywood I had on hand. It's 24x24x36 with doors that hinge down to make a workspace for the camp kitchen on both sides. I'd prefer not to paint over the grain, rather I want to stain it in a dark walnut "keller". This box will be used outdoors when camping, exposed to the elements. What finish do you suggest to protect it from the elements and the Boy Scouts?

Thanks in advance, Michael Shirey Summerville, South Carolina

Question from me today is can you talk about the differences in a stationary planer vs a lunchbox? i recently got a 3hp 14" how deep of a cut can i take with it?

Evan Dunville

Question- I am restoring an antique stanley hand plane, when I repaint the base do I paint the narrow track on top of the sides or leave them bare? Whats the original way it was painted?

Johan van Zanten

Joke of the Week:

Q: What do you call an overly confident handyman?

A: Caulky'

Q: Why do cats stay away from pine trees?

A: Because they bark…

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Favorite tool this week?

James Wright