Woodworking Inspiration 8-14-17

Here are some of the videos I found this week that are inspirational and gave me fun ideas for future videos.

Clean Phil Wanted is an all hand tool woodworker that does interesting projects. this is something I have wanted to make for along time adn I might have to take it on some time.

One of the fastest growing youtubers and doing amaxing work. I fell in love with several of the tecneques and methouds in this build. just great all around.

Love the simple and rough design of this mallet. deffinetly worth a look at this simple how to.

OH MY WORD!!! this makes me want to get into turning again! just pure sweetness. I love Heath's stuff every time.

Just having a look at how these cut nails are made gives me a ton of ideas. cool to see an old tool still going today!

WOODEN BIKES!!! do i need to say more? these are just pure sweetness!

I like to pump out Hand tool Wood working information but this guy does far more and draws on an incredible amount of life knowledge. almost every day he has a new video out packed with great information.

James Wright