1-31-17 Weekly Inspuration

Videos that made me think this week

Finishing Methods


ZH Fabrications has one of the best grasps on Finishing and what to use at different times. I love watching his methods to get just that look it is very impressive and this project is no exception.

Hand tools Done BIG


I love the quick and dirty methodology of Chop with Chris. We often over think projects to make them perfect, and that costs the project in time or even being built in the first place. Chris' projects always impress without having to be perfect. This cart is no exception. It may look rough but it has no need to be fine furniture, it needs to move a log. Don't let perfection cost you a project.



I love the idea of customizing things for your use and taste. nothing is made from a factory perfectly, but if you can customize it to fit you even the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

What a Genius Idea


I have seen other drawers kind of like this, but how do you keep a drawer over your head from falling down when it is pulled out. this slide system is just a fantastic example of ingenuity and keen thinking.

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