#57 foot, wind, and water powered shop Corian, and leather working

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In episode #57 We talk about a foot, wind, and water driven shop. How to work with Corian solid surface countertop and the joys of leatherworking.

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Top Ptreons of the week Make Build Modify, Master of None, and Deby Brooke!!

What’s new/ what are we working on?

  • Zack: Making purses, and other leather work


Yonatan24 : James, have you ever thought about making a foot powered bandsaw or tablesaw? That would be amazing, any thoughts or issues about those tools? I have too many questions for you

Jim Dockrell : ZAC!...is the pick up going to get a nice heavy leather interior now?  That would be awesome!

Brian Flick : First car?

Carbonite Gamorrean: To: J. W., That stuff you made your kitchen counter from;:;:; Do you think it would make a good handle?¿?¿?¿? Like something turned, such as a driver, rasp, awl, coping, gents, fret, etc, etc... And if so or not what about scale type, like pocket knife, your marking knife, etc. Or how far could you go??? Like maybe even a saw/plane tote... I was thinking tool parts, but how much of what and where. ¿


Jim Dockrell : pros and cons of split top vs. solid top Roubo?


Joke of the week

Vasili Kozhushner; Why did the cabinetmaker get arrested?

Because he was a counter fitter.

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Favorite tool/product this week?



James Wright: Wood By Wright https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbMtJOly6TpO5MQQnNwkCHg

Zack Herberholz: ZH Fabrication https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDdZMJDDpyvI9WJyY7IZP7w

William Walker: Wm. Walker Co. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCievvwx_-UU-rP28103rUCw



Intro and outtro recorded and produced by Jason Wright http://jason.theyouthman.com/

James Wright