#6: $1,000 to Upgrade a Woodworking/Metalworking Shop

In this episode, Johnny, James, and Zack build on Episode 5's topic of building a woodworking/metalworking shop. The Crafted crew discusses how they'd spend another $1,000 to upgrade the shop from the previous episode. Zack buys a welding setup, Johnny buys a jointer and planer, and James buys some extra fancy hand tools. Enjoy!

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Show Topic: $1,000 to Upgrade a Woodworking/Metalworking Shop




Bear Kat Saw tenon saw and sash saw Roubo frame saw and Kerfing plane kit

Q & A from the live chat:

Woodnerd: Here's a question for you guys: I work in my dayjob with lots of SoC development boards such as Beagleboard, Minnowboard, RaspberryPi, Arduino, etc. etc., primarily with Embedded Linux, but I'm curious what woodworkers would be interested in learning about this stuff, as I use woodworking as an escape from it?

Joshua Luther: How do you respond to family and friends who approach you to make them something that's not up your alley? I've had to say no a couple of times because it didn't make sense either time wise or financially.

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