#48: Who Inspires Us As Makers?

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In this episode, Johnny, James, and Zack who inspires us as makers and content creators. 

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What’s new/ what are we working on?

  • Zack: Industrial Shelf, Fabtech, Bushmills Chandelier, TV thing? ,Mail--Blacksmithing--openers, fobs, Leather, Shop-truck
  • Johnny: Dining table, put out slab table video
  • James: Saw Till, French Cleats, Spring Pole Lathe, I was on the Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast (Episode 148Episode 149)

Show Topic: Who Inspires Us As Makers? 

  • Zack: Richard Proenneke - Alone in the Wilderness, Jimmy Diresta, Marcus Aurelius
  • Johnny: Bob Clagett, Making It Podcast, Marc Spagnuolo, Grant Batson
  • James: No one source or couple. I find that I am inspired by new locations all the time. Estate sales and auctions, museums, running through the woods.


Dad Rambles Workshop:

Thinking about welding, is a stick a good starter or should I skip straight to MIG? Workshoever welded before

Mike Higgins:

Johnny, did you ever put a finish on your Roubo bench?

Make Brooklyn:

What's a skill or technique that's outside of your comfort zone that some other maker (or other source) has inspired you to learn?

Joke of the week

From Joel:

What program do woodworkers use for cooking? Ketchup.

From Bryan:

Why can’t you build a chicken coop with 4 doors? It would be a chicken sedan.

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Johnny: KingPost TimberWorks


James: Heath Knuckles epoxy Lamp!


Zack: Greg Huston


Favorite tool/product this week?

Crafted PodcastWoodworking

James Wright