#35: Skiatook Adventure Video Woodworkers Event Wrap-Up

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In this episode, Johnny, James, and Zack talk about the Skiatook Adventure this past weekend. We also chat about some of the other woodworking events we've been to. 

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What are we working on?

  • Zack: Industrial Desk
  • Johnny: Put out the Plywood Coffee Table video, working on DIY projector screen
  • James: Skiatook 2017 - SV Seeker - New bench


Show Topic: Skiatook Adventure Wrap-Up

Q&A / After Show:

  • Ben M : "Johnny, can you talk for a sec about your experience with the stash of walnut you bought? I also bout some fresh cut walnut off CL and was wondering about how long to expect it will take to dry out. It's at like 16% and I'm also in NC. Also, did you paint the end groin? And what did you use for stickers? I used pine and was hoping not to have any staining bc of that. Thanks guys, keep crushing it!"
  • Ramon Moreno : "I have a question for the three of you. Do you guys set up a working schedule with hours and how do you deal with your neighbors when making a lot of noise when using tools. Thanks I really enjoy the podcast."

Joke of the week:

Mark Briggs:

Q: What do you call a piece of wood with nothing to do?

A: Board. (Bored)

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Favorite tool/product this week?


Bob's Workshop: How to Build A Bookshelf (hilarious video, watch it!)


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