#31: Talking Metal Fabrication with Special Guest Kevin Caron

In this episode, Johnny, James, and Zack chat with Kevin Caron, renowned metal artist and YouTube creator. We talk metal fabrication and lots more, stay tuned!

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What are we working on?

  • Kevin: Plasma CNC!
  • Zack: Brainstorming designs for a trestle table.. Getting ready to finally finish the chairs and start the industrial desk. truck.
  • Johnny: Finishing Roubo bench, Powermatic pieces, dining chairs
  • James: A saw Bench. And going to Hand Works

Show Topic: Talking Metal Fabrication with Special Guest Kevin Caron


  • What is your background, how did you get started in metalwork?
  • What would you recommend people getting started welding start with?
  • Kevin, looking at your website I see the Red Moon Slice end table. How big is your 3d printer to be able to print it.
  • Brice McPherson - Kevin, i'd like to know your thought process on your site-specific sculptures. Do you go in with a plan or let the context speak to you? What initial steps do you take in your design process?
  • Chris Gallegos - Hey guys! Question for Kevin-How often do "mistakes" or unintentional things become a part of the art sculptures or change the design? Or is it always to plan?

Joke of the week

Bob had a lot of work ahead of him so decided to hire a part time helper.

" Your first job will be to sweep up the sawdust." he said handing him a broom.

" Look I'm PRACTICALLY a university graduate," the young man protested.

" Oh, I understand..." Bob replied "Here, I'll show you how." xD

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Favorite tool/product this week?

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